Buying Guide: Bed Frames

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Bed frames are what constitute your bed and make a contribution to the general look of your bedroom. The bed frame is the skeleton of your bed and the place where your bedding rests. The frame gives the bedding a shape and its general outlook. After saying all this, you now understand why the choice of frame matters a lot to you. We have a wide range of frames for you to choose from, and they are available at great prices. Please note that the affordable prices of our frames does not mean that quality is compromised.

The Bed Frame Size

We offer various sizes of bed frames to fit the different requirements of our customers. There are large and small beds available online. You can easily see which beds are still available to purchase by browsing the site. We offer the king size, double size, single size and small double bed frames. View them and see what you would like for your bedroom from the available options.

The bed frame collection

If you love style and brand, ours is the site to visit. The products that we display are from well-known collections. These collections are uniquely made for various purposes and look attractive. We have a large collection of different bed frames that have varying descriptions. You may wish to have a uniform collection of bedroom furniture by looking at the available options of several other items on display in the same range. Therefore, browse the many items we have online as you shop at zurleys furniture online.

Clearance between Floor and Bed’s Underside

This is important if you are looking for a low or high bed. You may prefer space under the bed for a number of reasons. If this is the case, please check the frame’s dimensions as you make your choices. There are various options available even if you love a bed with smaller or no space between the underside and the floor.

Weight of Bed Frames

You can also choose in terms of the weight of your bed, and this depends on your own preferences. If you are looking for a light bed, there are various options without many attachments. Most wooden frames are light as well as metallic products. The bed frames have got their weights written in the description section.

The Frame Finish

This denotes the material used in the making and furnishing of the frames, and we have a range of options for you. The selection that you will make will be dependent on your own preferences and budget. We have leather finishing, solid wood, wood, metal, wood effect and upholstered finishes. They usually come in various styles and designs. The beauty of your frame depends on its finishing, to a great extent. Ensure that you note this as you make your selection.

The Storage Space

One of the essential things when it comes to bedroom furniture is the storage space, this also applies for the bed frame that you select. There are bed frames that come with storage while others do not.