Buying Guide: Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers

Chests Of Drawers

The bedroom is not complete without a chest of drawers. So what is a chest of drawers? It is a furniture unit that contains a set of horizontally placed drawers which have a handle.  These units have been used in Europe and other parts of the world for many centuries and they have become a part of our lives. They are used for the storage of underarments and other clothes that do not crease with ease. Clothes are usually folded when placed in the drawers due to the available space.  Other items apart from clothes are kept in the drawers, however, clothes are the traditional items stored in drawers.

Making a choice

We have several options of high quality yet affordable items for you to choose from.  Making the right choice of a chest of drawers to buy requires that you consider a number of things.  This is because the role that the chest of drawers plays in your house is not only for the storage but also for the way it looks.  You need to remember that the chest of drawers is in your house to stay, so you need something that is durable.  It would be easy for you to order the appropriate chest of drawers from our site, please note the following points to assist you in your choice.

Size and capacity

The size and capacity of your chest of drawers should be related to your own requirements.  If you are looking to store a large number of items, it would be appropriate for you to look for our big-size chest of drawers.  Our larger units contain between 8 and 10 drawers, and their prices differ.  You should consider the drawers’ sizes too as this determines the amount of items you can store or how much more you will need to fold your clothes to fit into the drawers.  You should note that the prices of these chests of drawers are not determined by size or capacity in most cases.


Design is essential especially to customers who are not only looking for a reliable item but also one that looks good in your room.  There are various designs available online. There are generally wide and narrow chests available.  Select the particular design you require on the basis of the space that is available in your room.  The number of drawers available in one unit also dictates the size of the furniture unit.  Units with two or three drawers at the top section and a column of single drawers are available. There are others with double or a single column too. You should be aware that the drawers also come in various makes, depending on the materials used to make them.  There are wooden and metallic parts to enhance the general appearance.  The handles on the drawers give a great design feature and can be the first thing that you notice about the drawers - this can influence your choice.


As stated earlier on, one reason for buying a chest of drawers is for aesthetic reasons.  Colour is an essential component of furniture and something you should consider all the time.  We have many colours that you can select from as you shop.   Consider the general colour of your room as you make a choice on what to purchase.  The chest of drawers ought to be compatible with the hue of your room for a wonderful look.

There are many other things to look out for, but the above are the essentials.  Some other factors that you may want to consider include the price of the chest of drawers of your choice and the shipping duration and costs.  Remember to read a few customer reviews to advise your decisions.  This guide contains what you need to take the right furniture home, therefore, use it on your next shopping spree.