Buying Guide: Occasional Chairs

 Occasional Chairs
Occasional Chairs

Occasional chairs are easy to position anywhere in or outside the house, depending on the ‘occasion’.   There will be different times when you might wish to socialise in various rooms of your home.  The ideal purchase can be a comfy occasional chair, a product that we offer in a wide range of options.  While selecting the appropriate kind of chair to use at home, it is important to note several things that will help you purchase the right item from us.  Consider the tips provided in this guide for your next purchase to be nothing short of a success.

Look at the Product’s Ratings

Even though this is not the sole pointer to quality of products, there is the need to use it as a way of understanding the item you want to buy.  Occasional chairs are bought at a high rate from our stores and that is why we have the option of product rating as a way of searching for what you want.  However, there are occasional chairs that have not been reviewed yet they are of good quality.  You should consider the ratings alongside other features when it comes to buying occasional chairs.


The major reason for getting an occasional chair is for the purposes of mobility.  A mobile seat ought to be easy to move, and that is why its weight should be of great importance to you.  We provide the details of products weights and thus make it easier for you to decide.  Generally, the light versions of occasional chairs would be those that are constantly moved while the heavier ones are seldom moved.  This will save you the inconvenience of having to lift heavy seats from one place to another.  Therefore, consider weight as a vital factor while doing your shopping.


The frames of any seat determine the quality of such a chair and its durability.  It is due to this that we offer reliable information on the frames of the occasional seats that we provide.  There are hardwood, softwood and metal frames, among several other options.  Depending on the frequency of use, it is important to make a decision on the quality of chair that you would like to buy.  This should also be advised by the money that you are willing to spend on the purchase.  Note the frames and be sure of what to expect from the item that you buy.

Cleaning Option

So what if your seat is stained?  How will you remove the dirt?  This is another important concern that you should have in mind.   Most of the seats are recommended for professional cleaning due to the materials from which they are made.  The reason for this is to conserve the quality of your occasional chair as most casings lose colour due to ill-advised washing.  It is good to consider this as you never know when it would be appropriate to clean the seat.


It is important to know the size of your seat to know where you will place it.   You do not need an item that is too big or maybe too small for the intended area.  It needs to fit correctly in the place where you want it to be.  We provide information on the width, the height and depth of the seats to ensure that you buy the right products.  The space between the floor and the underside of your seat also matters in terms of where you will be placing the chair.  Outdoor locations would require higher seats in most cases.

Consider this guide as your reliable set of tips that will help you have an idea on what to get from us.