How to decide on the colour of a new piece of furniture

1. What colours are already at work in the room?

First things first, what colours are already at play in the room? This goes without saying, you’ll want to work with colours that compliment those already present in terms of walls, floors and furniture. It’s not necessarily a case of picking the same colours, however - sometimes polar opposites can create a fantastic contrasting effect that really works.

2. What colours are you thinking about for the future?

Of course, the piece of furniture you’re thinking about may be the start of a room revolution. If you’re intending on a major overhaul of a room’s decoration, then plan out what else you may be replacing, and try and determine if you can find pieces that you like with a similar colour scheme. Planning is the key.

3. What does Feng Shui say?

As we talked about in an earlier post, determining your personal element and then either working with that colour or in contrast with it can help emphasise the good traits associated with that element or nullify the negative aspects.  Regardless of how much you buy into the concept of Feng Shui, it can be immensely helpful in giving you a structure from which to work when first putting together and organising a room, and using your personal element may just give you some colour combination ideas that you hadn’t previously considered.

4. Don’t panic

While every piece of furniture should very much be a considered purchase, there’s no point in weighing up options forever; eventually, you’ll have to just take the plunge.

Even if you’re initially disappointed in whichever avenue you choose to travel down, all is not lost. A new piece of furniture, particularly something that takes up a lot of space in the room such as a sofa or a bed, will often polarise opinion when you first put it in the room, but given time, you may well warm to it.

Even if you don’t, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to remedy things such as colour clashes. Relatively inexpensive acts such as painting a single wall or even just changing a table lamp can have a drastic effect on the overall feel of the room. A few simple changes and what previously stuck out like a sore thumb could be the perfect centrepiece.