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Chest of Drawers 

Chest of drawers are an absolute must-have in any bedroom. Be it the bedroom of a baby, toddler, teenager or adult, the usefulness of the chest is indisputable. Thanks to its practicality, the chest has been a staple part of the bedroom for centuries. Our range of chests aims to bring those modern, retro, unique and trendy designs all in one place.

Chests of drawers can be bought as part of a bedroom set or used alongside other collections.  Available in a multitude of shapes, sizes and materials, each chest regardless of design undeniably adds a little character to the bedroom. 

Charming yet functional, we offer a wide selection of chest of drawers to suit all tastes and décors. Our drawers can be used to spruce up your bedroom with a brand-new look without changing all of the furniture. Whatever your taste, there is a unique chest for you in our exquisite collection. 

We recommend...

If you prefer a contemporary look, we recommend the Palma Mirrored drawers. The mirrored panels will create the illusion of additional space within the room. With 7 drawers to fill, this is an extremely spacious piece of furniture. The crystal style handles really complete this piece.

Our final recommendation is the Retro Patch chest of drawers, it is a must for bringing that retro style to your bedroom, its multi pattern drawer designs and solid wood frame makes it a bright and colourful option.