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Dressing tables are a luxury piece of furniture in any modern home. Ornate styles will add a touch of glamour to any bedroom and traditional designs will work well with more traditional decors. A modern or retro dressing table will truly brighten up even the lacklustre of rooms.

Dressing Tables became popular in the 17th century as aristocratic homes sought to display their wealth and extravagance. They have maintained their popularity throughout the centuries because they are practical yet stylish. Dressing tables come in such a vast array of sizes that one can be found to fit in any bedroom and add a touch of elegance and beauty to your home. 

Combining an unusual modern dressing table with some of our fantastic mirrors such as the LED Wall Mirror would create a fabulous look. 

For the must have unique retro dressing table for your bedroom room, the Provence inspired dresser is a piece we highly recommend, it is available in both white or black.  This dresser is a contemporary and trendy set that includes curved legs and steel handles, The range is reasonably cheap dressing table with prices from  just £149.