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Coastal Furniture

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What is Coastal Furniture?

Coastal furniture at Zurleys is a range which provides light and natural tones that resembled either the beachside items or furniture you tend to find in coastal homes. These can be items such as washed and chic ranges as well as replica items such as beach shaped pieces.

Coastal Furniture at Zurleys

Create the lovely beach look with our Coastal Furniture collections at Zurleys. Browse our popular nautical furniture and beach styles. In this collection we feature many ranges such as the Coastal Home, Beach House, Two Tone and Halifax - all of which create that elegant beach look.

The Coastal Home range features items for your living room with the console table, coffee table and TV units - all part of the popular items in the range. The main features of this elegant range are the sanded drawers, rope handles and white crisp finish.