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Dining Tables and Chairs

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    Our dining table and chairs are designed to provide comfort and style to your dining area. Our furniture will make a bold statement in your home, it will provide great character, a focal point as well as being ideal for family or entertaining.  

    Whether you have limited space or a larger room to fill we have a great selection of styles and designs for your dining room. Perfect for those family occasions or simply to use on a daily basis and to +add character to a room our dining tables range from vintage white and glass dining tables to contemporary ranges.

    We have a great selection of unique, modern dining tables for a large or small room.

    Zurleys also has a range of dining chairs should you just want to improve the look of your current dining table, this can be a more cost effective solution. Surrounding your dining table with bright and colourful chairs can add some character to a dining room.

    Our Choice

    If you are prefer a smaller table but need to have the option of extending your table when guests visit then the Oak 1.1m Butterfly Extending Table could be a great choice for you.  This oak table is extendable for when your guests arrive but can be reduced for everyday use.

    Wanting to complement your dining table with something different? Browse our Industrial Chairs for that rustic reclaimed look.

    Things to consider..

    The Shape

    The shape that you prefer depends on a number of things, the most obvious being personal preferences.  However, there are other things that are connected to the type of shape that you may need for your room.  One factor to consider is the general shape of your dining room or kitchen.


    We generally offer glass and wooden tables, You can find tables that have a combination of materials while others are made solely from one material. You may want to consider the other furniture that you have in your room as you make the selection, matching items and item materials is important for aesthetic purposes.