Industrial Style Furniture

Industrial Style Furniture

Industrial Furniture

Our Industrial furniture range at Zurleys provides the iconic look with thin metal frames accompanied with reclaimed wood with a worn rustic finish.

Industrial Furniture is the perfect look for forming creative living spaces in the home, whether it is in the form of one statement piece such as our Aviator Coffee Table or a whole room design, you can be sure to always be on trend with this edgy style. The Industrial look is becoming increasingly popular, with the look evolving from the large factories of the 19th century.  

The masculine, contemporary aspect of the Industrial Style Furniture trend works particularly well in urban apartments and offices that are desiring that industrial style, rustic and reclaimed furniture look.  

A question we get asked a lot is what is the difference between Industrial Style Furniture and Industrial Furniture, the answer depends on who you ask. Both terms have recently meant the same thing in a retail setting, They mean furniture designed and manufactured to look like old fashioned factory and warehouse style furniture. Using metal and aluminium with different woods to make that rustic factory look.

With the above being said, Industrial Furniture is actually furniture which has been sourced from warehouses etc. It was actually used in and Industrial setting. Industrial style furniture is a piece that has recently been made to provide that iconic look at the fraction of the price.

Choose Zurleys for all your must have Industrial Reclaimed & Rustic Wood Furniture.

Bestselling Industrial Furniture

Bestsellers Include the Beach House Round Coffee Table, Reclaimed Iron and Wood Console Table/Desk and finally the Industrial Foundry Round Side Table

Industrial Furniture Industrial Style Furniture Industrial Style Furniture