Industrial Style Furniture

Industrial Style Furniture

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Industrial Style Furniture is the perfect way to create imaginative living spaces in the home. Whether you want to change the feel of the room with one statement piece or replace all your existing furniture with a whole room design, you will always be on trend with this edgy and innovative style. The industrial warehouse look is becoming increasingly popular, with the style taking inspiration from the large factories of the 19th century.  

The masculine, contemporary aspect of the Industrial Style Furniture trend works particularly well in urban apartments and offices which crave that industrial, rustic and reclaimed furniture style.  

Our Industrial style furniture range at Zurleys provides that desirable iconic look. Many of our pieces have thin metal frames accompanied by reclaimed wood with a worn rustic finish synonymous with this style.

Industrial Style furniture is designed and manufactured to "look like" old-fashioned factory and warehouse furniture.  Materials used include metal and aluminium with various types of wood enabling you to bring that rustic factory look into your home.

The items available in our collection vary from true industrial furniture pieces which are sourced from warehouses. Through to manufactured items which are transformed to make an industrial piece of furniture yet still bringing that emblematic look at a fraction of the price.