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Oak has quite literally stood the test of time. This sturdy material has been used to produce furniture since the medieval period.  Oak is sourced from British woodland and is renowned for its durability, indeed it was once used to build the ships of the renowned British navy. It is little wonder that oak furniture is handed down throughout the generations, its strength and sturdiness mean it outlasts most other materials.

Despite its hardy nature, beautiful pieces of furniture can be created from this ageless material. Elegant, chic and bold, any piece of oak furniture will add style and sophistication to any room.

Once wood reserved only for the wealthy, oak is now much more accessible and affordable. Furthermore, thanks to its durability, a piece of oak furniture is a sound investment and will not require replacing for years to come.

Here at Zurleys we have an incredible range of high-quality oak furniture to choose from. Browse through our extensive collection of solid oak and veneer furniture.

Whether you require a subtle side table or a stunning set of drawers to add to your current furniture collection. Or perhaps you want to totally revamp your bedroom with a whole new set of oak furnishings, including wardrobe, chest of drawers and dressing table, we have something to suit your own style and budget.

Oak furniture is absolutely timeless. Any piece from our stunning range will add a touch of opulence to your home.