Pine Furniture


Extremely pliable yet exceptionally durable, pine has been used to create beautiful pieces of furniture in Britain since the seventeenth century. Pine furniture is so versatile it will look sublime alongside any existing furniture you have in the home and will work extremely well with any décor. Pine is naturally neutral in colour which means it blends well with other coloured wooden furniture in the home.

Yet if you are considering replacing all your furniture with pine, this material will make a bold statement in any room. Pine furniture is often used in homes which seek to create a more rustic, country feel, yet its versatility means it can also create a chic and contemporary feel in more modern style households.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, another explanation for the popularity of pine furniture is the fact it is so easily restored. Unlike some other materials, pine can be easily painted and thus the colour of your furniture can be transformed as your décor changes.

Pine is also more affordable than some other types of wood, yet this does not mean it is of any less quality. Pine does not easily scratch; it is famously strong and a pine piece of furniture will be a wise investment giving years of elegance and delight.

If you are working to a tight budget, pine furniture is a viable option. We offer high quality pine furnishings at an affordable price.