Scandinavian Furniture

Scandinavian Furniture

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Scandinavian Furniture is becoming increasingly popular, with its white and wooden finishes, as well as pastel tones.  Now is the right time to add some Scandinavian Furniture to your home.

What is Scandinavian Furniture?

Our range of Scandinavian furniture is sourced from around the world, but is designed to look like furniture found in Scandinavian homes. Our collection includes lovely white and natural wood combinations as well as those sharp designs that you also find.

Our Scandinavian Collection

Our Scandinavian collection includes ranges such as the Elsa and Acke Chairs. Find those lovely Scandinavian furniture pieces at Zurleys with our range of Scandi TV Units, Sideboards, Coffee Tables, and many more items.

The soft, natural Nordic furniture ranges at Zurleys feature several ranges including the Scandinavian Acke and Agenta Chairs, Elsa Bar Stools and the Retro Scandi Range.

The Elsa Bar Stools in the collection feature a rich solid oak frame with the beautiful curved leather effect seat which is available in white, grey or black.