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Shabby chic is the perfect way to create effortless beauty in the home, whether it be in the form of a one statement piece or a whole room design, you will always be on trend. Shabby chic has never been more fashionable, at Zurleys our chic range captures the distressed, relaxed and aged appearance of the trend whilst maintaining the inherent vintage themes of the style. The soft, romantic aesthetic of the shabby chic trend works particularly well in bedrooms.

Shabby Chic furniture includes feminine hues and vintage designs, ideal for creating your very own French style Boudoir. The trend also works well in achieving sophisticated country style kitchens, dining rooms and lounges.

The Shabby Chic trend emerged from the opulence and splendour of English stately homes and was coined by the interior design industry in the 1980’s.  At Zurleys we aim to provide the inherent beauty and quality of the trend inspired by the luxury of British stately homes for those on a more modest budget.

Shabby chic teams up British eccentricity with French elegance — the country charms of an English cottage with the faded elegance of a French chateau.