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Welcome to the Zurleys “Get the look section", here you can find features in which we will be discussing a whole range of design ideas. At Zurleys we like to keep up to date with all the latest home furnishing trends, so if you’re looking for a stylish way to design your room, or if you prefer a classic rustic look, you’ve come to the right place. 

We want to help you make your house your home and that means tailoring the design of your rooms to your individual personality. The furniture you use in your home can have a profound impact upon your family life; certain room designs can create a relaxing atmosphere yet another room in your home may be used as an office space – we at Zurleys can help you create these differing rooms with high quality furniture. Whether your room is large or small, we will have the design for you. 

At Zurleys we know our products well and this enables us to discuss our furniture in detail and suggest ways in which they can fit perfectly into your family home. Many of these designs will work with some of your existing furniture; however consideration of the design will inject some style into your home and enhance the theme you want. Become inspired, try something different; whether it’s chic, classic, contemporary or industrial, we have the furniture and the look for your home!


The “Get The Look” Series With Zurleys

Great Ideas to Create the Perfect Look

Affordable Options to Create your Ideal Room

Real Ideas and Advice


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Industrial Attic Furniture

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Get The Look Big Bang Theory

Lighting Tips That Make A Big DIfference


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Picking furniture colours

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Get The Look Mad Men

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Vintage Furniture

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Tips to Feng Shui Your Home

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Mirrored Furniture

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The History of Retro Furniture





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