Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

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Give your room that beautiful glow with our elegant retro floor lamps, you can find beautiful unusual arched/arc floor lamps with a large over hanging design.

Our affordable floor lamps give your room that extra secluded lighting while working to a budget. What is great about lamps are they add character to a home as well as enhancing your current lighting in a room. We have a selection of beautiful unique floor lamps for you to choose from either for yourself or as a gift.

Our selection of beautiful affordable arc floor lamps are perfect for any home and currently one of our most popular styles of floor lamps.

Arc/Arched Floor Lamps
  • Our wide range of unique arc floor lamps come in different sizes and colours, available in orange, white, chrome, and brushed steel arc lamps which are great for providing a contemporary look in your home and really creating a distinctive look with their long arched design. 
Unusual Floor Lamps
  • Our lollipop unusual floor lamps are on a long chrome stand with a round shaped ball siting at the top. -The colours available in the funky retro lolly pop floor lamps are orange, white and chrome.