LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Buy LED Lighting for your home, In our range is the Langston LED Lamps that includes a bright 600 Lumen Light.

LED Lighting

Browe and Buy a unique selection of LED Lighting on Zurleys for your home.

Our range of LED lighting includes Gold, White and Black Lamps and Ceiling Lights with LED strips or bulbs.

Made up of the Langston range, Our LED lighting can be purchased as individual items or sets to create that great modern look for your home.

One of our most popular items is the Gold Round LED Table Lamp which comes with a round LED strip light that create a lovely white bright glow.

Some of our LED ceiling lights would also be great if you are looking to brighten up a dark room.

Our LED lights come with a 2 year gurantee and can be up to 90% more effecitent that standard bulbs

 LED Table Lamps          

LED Table Lamps - From the silhouette style LED table lamp the the round gold, white or black LED table lamps. We have a great range of modern LED table lamps.

 LED Ceiling Lights


Browse our range of LED ceiling lights that really bring that elegant glow to your rooms. From the Spiral Ceiling Lights to the Langston Gold LED Pendant we have something for everyone.