Taking the plunge with Vintage Furniture

When you think of Vintage Furniture you often think of second hand, thrift shop items but that doesn’t have to be the case.  You can easily pick up brand new items that have the vintage look and feel, helping to add character to any room; but why should you choose vintage furniture?

For me, vintage furniture was all about adding character to my home.  Living in a new build, your walls are cream, floors are cream and all the fittings are modern, so the house doesn’t have a personality.  In many you can’t even decorate until the house has been standing for over a year, so you rely solely on your furniture to add colour and character.


Others choose vintage pieces to make a statement and become the feature of the room.  Here’s a couple of items that are perfect for both instances:

The console unit is a great vintage piece to use in the hallway or a kitchen area.  The bottom bar can be used as storage or even for shoes, whilst you’ve got three sizeable drawers perfect for accessories, letters or the typical main drawer with all your takeaway leaflets, spare batteries and screws you find lying around.


Another way you can bring Vintage furniture into your home is through accessories - a large clock is a good way to bring a stunning peice into the room and putting it on any wall will automatically turn it into the feature wall of the room, due to the sheer size and style of the clock.


The question is, what Vintage Furniture pieces will you choose