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Choose from affordable furniture ranges such as the Chelsea range to the premium Seville range.

Zurleys offers a wide range of discount furniture as well as an extensive range of homeware items. Our aim is provide affordable furniture which adds that extra something to your home. Choosing Zurleys we can assure you we dont provide cheap furniture but instead we bring quality styles at affordable prices.

If you are looking for something small that will add a quirky vibe to your home such as an elegant wall clock, majestic wall art or a exotic table lamp, then visit our
homeware section for a full list of ranges.

When it comes to buying with us, we make it easy for you. We have a great range of modern designs and furnishing items which will instantly bring
life to any room while working to a budget.

Our popular trendy furniture ranges are perfect for those wanting to add some colour and style to your rooms. The Chelsea, Arcus, Designer Style, and Slimline are all beautiful trendy furniture collections that will instantly add that fabulous "must have" look to your home. To complement our trendy ranges we have a great selection of retro and industrial ranges such as the Alchemy, Urban, Industrial Reclaimed, and the Mosaic range. 

With most furnishings being "price sensitive" we aim to bring cheap furniture prices by comparing our items with competitors. 

Our wealth of  trendy designs bring quality and style while combining the affordability of buying online.


Cheap Furniture At Zurleys


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Why Zurleys?

We understand at Zurleys furniture is an important part of your home, building the perfect home on a budget is of high importance for most.  We accommodate for all buyers with our low cost, cheap furniture and also premium attractive ranges and styles such as the Slimline Retro range.

We bring you those high-end designer style products as well as the trendy must have items that enhance your current home decor.

More about us 

We offer premium fragile delivery services through our delivery partners UPS, Kinetic Logistics as well as many more.

We deliver to customer across the UK and Ireland.

Most of our suppliers are based in the UK and Europe.

 What's Popular?

Our most popular items includes mirrored and retro styles as well as the industrial and "out-there" ranges.

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