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  • Whitaker Patchwork Chairs
  • Modern Padded Storage Tub Stool
  • Kokoon Retro Curved Stool
    Kokoon Retro Curved Stool
    As low as £65.00
  • Dylan Modern Swivel Chairs
    Dylan Modern Swivel Chairs
    As low as £134.00
  • Agneta Retro Scandinavian Style Chairs
  • Albin Scandinavian Armchair
  • Chloe Crushed Velvet Chairs
  • Aldo Retro Chairs
    Aldo Retro Chairs
    As low as £215.00
  • Black Leather Swivel Chair
  • Aquil Padded Premium Bowl Chair
    Aquil Padded Premium Bowl Chair
    As low as £144.00
  • Vogue Pink Velvet Day Chair
  • Antique Brown Angled Lounger Chair
  • Art Deco White Linen Chair
  • Bournemouth Patchwork Chair
  • Chesterfield Style Leather Chairs
  • Buffalo Folding Chair
  • Scandinavian Armchair
  • Hannah Rattan Relaxer Armchairs
  • Hannah Rattan Relaxer Armchair With Stool
  • Java Flower Chair
  • Premier Silk Chairs
    Premier Silk Chairs
    As low as £231.00
  • Amelie Chair
    Amelie Chair
    As low as £292.00
  • Ella 2 Seater Blue Velvet Sofa
  • Items 1-36 of 106

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    With our collection being sourced for the unusual look, we have a wide range of modern chairs in bowl designs or in your standard armchair design with great colour combinations to provide a unique look to your home or office.

    Funky Chairs at Zurleys offer a distinctive seat styling bringing a desirability to your home. Some of our chairs provide laid back sitting positions, 100% leather as well as designs which will look great in a sun room or conservatory.

    Retro Chairs

    The Agenta Scandinavian Chair boasts a quirky look, finished in black, white, and grey with solid wood legs - perfect for completing a unique style in a room. The distinctive seat styling brings desirability to your home.

    The Buffalo Chair provides a cool laid back sitting position with the chair being made of up of 100% Buffalo Leather and finished off with black metal legs.

    Unusual Modern Chairs

    The Rattan Unique Chair provides a low sitting position for the ultimate lounger style which would look great in a sun room or conservatory to complement our coastal furniture.