View our range of funky chairs which come in various designs...


View our range of funky chairs which come in various designs such as modern chairs & retro chairs to bring a splash of colour to your home.

Retro Chairs and Modern Chairs at Zurleys

"Bringing many styles such as funky chairs and unique chairs that add some colour and life to your home."

With our chairs being sourced for the retro look, we have a wide range of bowl designs with great colour combinations to provide that unusual look.

Retro Chairs we recommend

The Agenta Scandinavian Chair boasts a quirky look, finished in black, white, and grey with solid wood legs - perfect for completing a unique style in a room. The distinctive seat styling brings desirability to your home.

The Buffalo Chair provides a cool laid back sitting position that is made up of 100% Buffalo Leather and finished off with black metal legs.

Modern Chairs we recommend

The Rattan Chair provides a low sitting position for the ultimate lounger style, which would look great in a sun room or conservatory to complement our coastal furniture.

Finally we have the Funen Chair that has a slight Scandinavian style to it with it's retro small oak style legs and soft fabric touch finish.