The Story Behind Zurleys

The Story Behind Zurleys


The Story Behind Zurleys

A question that gets asked a lot why the name Zurleys?

So why the name Zurleys? To us, Zurleys represents the character and uniqueness we aim to offer in our unique styles to give something different to your home. The name Zurleys was created by Michael and over the years the name has been tweaked slightly from Zurlys to today's Zurleys.

So the idea…

Zurleys grew from a small concept that started out in supplying customers with a cost effective way to buy a wide range of products online from beauty products to home electronics. As this market became more saturated with larger corporations, such as Amazon and Argos, it was at this point Zurleys wanted to differentiate itself from other brands, therefore instead of growing the range of products we offered, we decided to reduce the number available to our customers. We took the approach of handing picking products we offer with the help of our in-house designers to bring a quirky/funky style to the website and ultimately your home In vastly reducing the products available to buy, Zurleys has become more specialised in a select range of products such as a lighting and furniture. This enabled customers to associate these products with our retro and vintage styles.

Zurleys was started while Michael was studying a Business Degree at University It was at the end of his second year of the degree and during the summer break he started to formulate the idea of Zurleys. Michael began looking for guidance from more experienced figures in their respective fields from business management/growth and marketing.

Whilst at University, Michael also procured guidance and support from lecturers to help bring the idea to fruition. It was then that Michael held several meetings with Dr Abdul Jabbar who was Michael's lecturer in the modules E commerce and Digital Marketing.  Dr Abdul Jabbar helped Michael with the analysis of his business model, customer segmentation, website structure/functionality as well as identifying barriers to entry into an already competitive marketing.  

Zurleys offers something different to many others in the market with the emphasis on providing Retro and Vintage furniture to customers at the forefront of the business. Zurleys is a family run business and we place great emphasis on customer service and going beyond many other retailers.

As well as Retro & Mirrored furniture, Zurleys offers a larger range of products such as modern and designer style furniture to complete a portfolio of high quality products. As the marketing is becoming more competitive, Zurleys is taking the approach to provide customers exclusive and premium products, such as made to order and hand crafted furniture. Our aim is to provide customers with Furniture and Furnishings with a story.