Bar Stools

Bar Stools

Bar Stools are great for adding character to a room where you least expect it, adding that colourful and distinctive style.  We have a wide collection of unusual bar stools to suit any kitchen/dining room.

When it comes to finding your perfect stool, look no further than Zurleys. It is easy to find the item you want as our ranges vary from retro to luxury designer style kitchen chairs that offer a unique statement.

Funky & Retro Bar Stools

The Elsa stool is in an elegant Scandinavian style which is combined with a retro solid wood look. The Elsa stool is available in different colours including black, grey and white

Bestsellers Include the Zara Contemporary Bar Stools, Industrial Foundry Ash Bar Stool, and finally the Dalston Industrial Camel Bar Stool

Vintage Zara Contemporary Bar Stools Retro Industrial Foundry Ash Bar Stool Funky Dalston Industrial Camel Bar Stool