Zurleys and You

When looking for home furniture/furnishing items you want to buy something that is unique to you and fits your style. You want something that brings your home to life in a way that fits you and what you currently have in your home. We all have budgets and we all have time constraints. At Zurleys we work heavily on our pricing to bring you 1000’s of home furniture items within a few clicks and at affordable prices.

Zurleys offers a customer orientated approach and was founded by Michael Lee Burke who started Zurleys with family members to offer a family like customer approach.


The name Zurleys?

So we receive many questions about why the name Zurleys and what does it mean? Zurleys was chosen because of its uniqueness. It had no previous meaning but now stands for affordable home furnishings that fit your style.

Who we are

Zurleys is an online retail company who operate in the UK and are based in St Helens.

We pride ourselves in getting your products to you as quick as possible.  Most of our products can be delivered to you within a few working days.  Some items may take a little longer but this information will be provided to you on the site.


The Products

At Zurleys we offer a wide range of products from many brands and manufacturers across Europe. We work hard to handpick our favourite products from many brands/manufacturers to offer unique and quality products for you to choose from.

Many of the brands we offer are located right here in the UK and include Premier Housewares, Eco Furniture, Gillmore Space, CIMC home and many more.

What we provide

We offer a wide range of products including Furniture and Home Furnishings. You can find products such oak furniture, mirrored furniture, contemporary furniture, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, kitchen/dining room furniture and our extensive lighting range.


Have a question?

Your question(s) may be answered here on the FAQ page.


Contact Us

If you would like to speak to us please feel free to call us on 01744 742384 or email us at Support@zurleys.co.uk.


We love to hear what you have to say

Please feel free to offer your feedback to us.  All feedback good or bad is greatly appreciated.


 The Zurleys Product Icons

Made to Order Furniture: 

These items are made to order and once ordered with Zurleys we request production from the designers to make your furniture.  


Made in Europe Furniture:

These items are made in Europe and usually made to order.


Flat Packed/Home Assembly Products:

These items are flat packed and will require assembly after delivery.


Fully Assembled:

This item is fully assembled; these items may still include screwing handles, minor attachments.


 Customisable Furniture

These furniture items are customable and if you wish to change colour/sizes please contact the support team to request a quote.



Zurleys - Furniture and Home Furnishings based in St Helens

Zurleys is a trademark and copy written.

Our Head Offices can be found at -


Enterprise Greenhouse,

St Helens Chamber

WA10 1FY

Zurleys is the trading name for M Burke Enterprise Ltd

Company Number - 08065581

VAT Number: 229 5644 83