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About Our Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored Furniture is an important piece in the modern home. It can be found on all types of items such as TV units, coffee tables and wardrobes.

This style is functional yet stylish, creating a sense of space and accentuating dimension and depth to even the smallest of rooms. These pieces of mirror furniture provide a clean and classy aesthetic to your home.  Importantly, mirrors are timeless, as trends come and go, this style of furniture will always maintain a sleek and stylish look in any home.

Adding a touch of glamour and sparkle to any room within the home, mirrored furnishings are becoming increasingly popular largely because of its beauty and function. It is a luxurious yet surprisingly affordable way to add light and charisma to both your bedroom and living room. 

Our range of Mirrored Furniture provides a great opportunity to enhance lighting in a room and also adding a glamorous glitzy feel to a room.  The stunning glass designs and bevelled edges compliment traditional and modern mirror glass designs you may already have in the home.

Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

Our most popular mirrored bedroom furniture range includes the Seville and Savannah range.  With beautiful glass, both ranges include 5+ pieces for the bedroom including bedside tables, chest of drawers and dressing tables.  Mirrored bedroom furniture allows you to add light around the bedroom and bring some sparkle. We find the most common mirrored bedroom furniture piece purchased is the dressing tables with a matching stool and mirror.

Mirrored Living Room Furniture

Easily the most desired and sought after mirrored living room furniture collection is the Beach Walk Fretted Mirrored range. This beautiful beach wood style range has a washed effect and provides a beautiful combination of mirrored glass and washed ash wood. Add some glamour and glitzy to your living room, most of our customer choose either a side table or coffee table to start with in their living. It is a simple but effective piece of glass furniture which allows you to see if the furniture is for you.


We know that price is a factor when most choose to buy mirror furnishings, when it comes to affordably cheap mirrored furniture, our bestsellers are the clear mirror range and the smokey range. These collections include a wide array of product types but the smokey range is only available for the bedroom. The clear mirrored range is available with curved or straight edges. Most of the range has bevelled edges.

Styles to consider...

Contemporary Style

Contemporary glass furniture is becoming more popular within our homes - modern mirrored furniture usually consists of mirrored glass panels with bevelled edges,  items can be sparkly and glitzy. We find customers choose contemporary mirrored styles for the bedroom.

Vintage and Distressed

Distressed mirror glass furniture usually consists of glass and reclaimed wood, with the wood providing that vintage look. In some instances the glass can also be stained/mottled to provide a more distressed look.

Colourful and Unique Styles

With the advancement of manufacturing glass, mirrored furniture can now be purchased in a wide array of colourful finishes such as bronze, copper, white and smokey. These pieces provide a unique look in your home and create a real statement piece.  White Glass is by far the most popular choice as an alternative to the traditional finish, It brings a premium glossy white finish to your room.