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At Zurleys we aim to provide a selection of wall clocks for a wide range of homes. We offer modern and retro clocks for either the contemporary styled homes or for the retro themed homes.

Great for enhancing any home in ways you wouldn't expect.  Zurleys have a great range of unusual wall clocks which can add a statement to a room, creating a beautiful wall piece in your home as well as being practical. 


One of the first human inventions and originally the first clocks where sundials, hourglasses, water or candle clocks, It wasn’t until around the 1200s that the first true mechanical piece was built and this still looked vastly different to the pieces we think of today. Its wasn’t until the 17th century that the hands and dials we see now for hours and minutes was manufactured on a larger scale. Over time and the advancement of manufacturing you now see items will all kinds of wonderful designs.

Our pieces now feature a 12 hour dial but previously it was possible to purchase 24 hour dial faces (you may still be able to online). These were of course larger than your typical kitchen items you see today.

Funky Unusual Styles

Our best selling pieces that would create a great industrial look. The "Industrial Cream" piece features a rustic cream finish with a black metal frame and both roman numerals and numbers on the face. The "Arial piece" features a black metal frame with a multiple colour rustic wood face. Finally the Fan Design clock features a metal frame with roman numeral digits and a rustic metal fan design face. The roman numerals are finished in a brass coating.

Unique Designs

The Paris piece creates a great statement piece for a home with its large oversized face that dominates a wall. Designed to have a rustic and shabby finish, the retro clock includes a multi coloured distressed painted face and shabby black metal frame.


It is important to consider the colour of your clock and match this to the colour scheme of your room, also consider the materials used as this too can contribute towards the beauty of your home. 

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