Nest of Tables

Nest of Tables

Whether its oak, mirrored, or pine you are looking for, we h...

Nest of Tables

Whether its oak, mirrored, or pine you are looking for, we have a wide selection of quality unusual nests of tables to suit all tastes and budgets. We find that nests of tables take up very little room and, therefore, are a great choice for your home. You have the option of storing the tables away when they are not in use but also have the flexibility of extra table space when needed.

Nest of tables are small yet functional tables that can be used to enhance a colour scheme or the design of any room. First created in the eighteenth century, the nesting tables were designed to perform exactly the same function as it does today – to save space.

Although deemed unfashionable in the earlier part of this century, this functional piece of furniture has made a recent return and is now, once again, deemed trendy. They are now sought after and have yet again become the must-have in any home. We are no longer stuck with simple standard designs as we once were, they now come in multiple colours, designs, and materials. Originally made in either metal or veneer wood you can now find nests in many finishes so as glass, rustic wood, aluminium and many other materials. You can use the bright or natural colours nests are available in such as the Dorset tables to bring a certain style to a room. In this case the Dorset Tables offer the coastal "beach look" in a room with their natural cream painted finish and rustic wood tops. 

Once banished to the corner of the room, they can now even be showcased and used to make a bold statement in your home.

At Zurleys, you can go completely out there with our unusual and funky aluminium nests; this set is made in an aluminium cut out design and in a "N" shape which is very decoratively designed.

If wood furniture is your preference, you can’t go wrong with our low cost, cheap nest of tables, a perfect example is the light oak tables, altogether you get the 3 tables which can be stored away easily. This solid wood set of nesting tables really bring the great natural look that you associate with solid oak.

Our range of Nest of Tables include -

  • Glass/Mirrored Nests of Tables
  • Pine and Oak Nest
  • Retro and Funky Nest of Tables

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Cheap Nest of Tables

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