Table Lamps

Table Lamps

We offer modern and retro table lamps with great designs to ...

Table Lamps

We offer modern and retro table lamps with great designs to compliment multiple furniture styles. Choose Zurleys for those Cheap Table Lamps Including Funky, Unusual & Retro Table Lamps

"Bringing many styles such as funky and retro table lamps at low cost, cheap table lamp prices."

Our low costs, cheap table lamps start from as little as £20, ranging right up to our exclusive ranges. Bringing style and affordablity, we offer retro table lamps to modern lamps that bring a wow factor to your home, meaning we have something to suit everyone and every budget.

The red ceramic bulbus lamp is the most affordable of our lamps but that doesn’t mean quality is compromised. This low cost item has a red bulbus base with a matching red lamp shade, ideal for brightening up your room.

One of our more exclusive pieces is the black/aluminium/crystal flower lamp, which is designed to look like a vase containing flowers - giving it a beautiful ornamental feature as well as the practicality of being a modern piece.

Our range is perfect for those wanting to add that extra bit of character to your home. Choose as individual items or as a set for own room. Our lights are also a great idea for an affordable gift option.

We understand that every home needs lighting whether it is for your living room, dining room or bedroom which is why our ranges include contemporary, retro table lamps and funky table lamps which provide you room with a unique look.

Many of our items available are made in the UK. Our UK lamps will be marked accordingly.