Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps

Give your room that beautiful glow with our elegant retro...

Floor Lamps

Give your room that beautiful glow with our elegant retro floor lights including unusual arched/arc floor lamps and over hanging designs.

Our floor lamps give your room that extra secluded lighting. What is great about floor lights are they add character to a home as well as enhancing your current lighting in a room. Browse an array of low cost, retro lamps we have online at Zurleys.

Our selection of beautiful arc floor lamps are perfect for you to choose either for yourself or as a gift and a currently one of our most popular style of lamp.

Our great selection of retro lamps are available in most instances with matching table lamps so you can get a matching retro design in your room. 

Whether you’re looking for modern designs or something a little more affordable we have a great choice that would instantly bring some life to your home with their distinctive modern and funky style.

Great Choices

  • Our wide range of arc lamps come in different sizes and colours, available in orange, white, chrome, and brushed steel arc lamps which are great for providing a contemporary look in your home and really creating a distinctive look with their long arched design. They look fabulous when placed in a corner with the lamp over-hanging a sofa, television, desk, etc. 
  • Our lollipop lamps are on a long chrome stand with a round shaped ball siting at the top.
  • The Laurits natural tripod lamps are available with a black, grey or white shade and really bring that soft natural wood lighting style to your home. These large and oversized lamps provide a warm and welcoming light to enable you to relax at home.