Most of our sideboards are designed to match other furniture...


Most of our sideboards are designed to match other furniture items and can be purchased as part of a larger range to create the same style and design throughout you home or as an individual item.

At Zurleys we have a great range of sideboards available to choose from, why not browse though our popular designs which include Modern & Retro Sideboards.

A sideboard can give you that extra storage space you need for various items such as dining table sets, place mats, crockery, etc.

When it comes to choosing the right item for you it all depends on the style and design which suits your home the best. If you are looking for something modern and sleek then a gloss item might be ideal. For those looking for something more retro then a wooden reclaimed sideboard would be the better option.

The Corona sideboard is a lovely pine piece of dining furniture. At Zurleys we have the Corona units in small, medium and large, therefore, it will suit whatever space you have available.  The small piece in the Corona range has a double cupboard and two drawers. The medium has triple cupboard doors and two larger drawers whilst the large piece has three larger cupboard doors with three drawers. The Corona range is in a lovely pine and has beautiful hinges and ring handles.

If you prefer the modern style of furniture then we have the Arcus sideboard which is available in light oak and white or walnut and white. This item is a made to order and is constructed in Portugal.