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    Chest of drawers are an absolute must-have in any bedroom. Be it the bedroom of a baby, toddler, teenager or adult, the usefulness of the chest is indisputable. Thanks to its practicality, this piece of furniture has been a staple part of the bedroom for centuries.

    Modern and Retro Chests of Drawers can be bought as part of a bedroom set or used alongside other collections to organise the bedroom.  Available in a multitude of shapes, sizes and materials, each chest regardless of design undeniably adds a little character to the bedroom.  Charming yet functional, we offer a wide selection of affordably cheap chest of drawers to suit all tastes and décors. Whether your bedroom is modern, chic or classic, or alternatively you would like to spruce up your bedroom with a brand-new look without changing all of the furniture, there is a unique chest for you in our exquisite collection. 

    We recommenced the Brown Pine Wood range, its a lovely cheap to buy farmhouse set which combines a rustic rich wooden finish with natural wicker style baskets. The farmhouse rustic pieces can be purchased individually or as a set and would really bring a warm welcoming feel to any room in the home.

    If you prefer a more modern unusual chest of drawers, the Oxfordshire drawers have two smaller drawers to the top with two larger drawers underneath.  With lovely flat designed handles, this item is both stylish and a great solid wood addition to any bedroom.

    For a cheap retro chest of drawers we recommend the retro patch chest, it is a must for bringing that retro style to your bedroom, its multi pattern drawer designs and solid wood frame gives it a bright and colourful option.

    A few things to consider...

    Size and capacity

    The size and capacity of your chest should fit your own needs.  If you are looking to store a large number of items, it would be appropriate for you to look for a larger units containing between 6 to 8 drawers.


    Design is essential especially to those who are not only looking for a reliable item but also one that looks good in your bedroom.  The handles on the drawers give a great design feature and can be the first thing that you notice about the drawers.

    Each of our affordable chest of drawers have their own unique retro style with a variety of different trendy finishes.


    One reason for buying a set of chest of drawers is for aesthetic reasons.  Colour is an essential component of furniture and something you need to consider.  We recommend taking into account the general colour of your bedroom. The chest ought to be compatible with the hue of your room.