Wardrobes are functional and practical and can dictate th...


Wardrobes are functional and practical and can dictate the design of a room or be used to fit in with any pre-existing style. Choose Zurleys for our Unique, Retro Wardrobes and Cheap Wardrobes.

Wardrobes are a focal point of a bedroom and one of the main bedroom furniture pieces to buy. Choose from a wide range of discounted wardrobes ranging from sliding door wardrobes, mirrored, corner wardrobes and modern styled ones. Our ranges at Zurleys also include 2 door, 3 door and 4 door wardrobes.

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When it comes to choosing your wardrobe it is important to take note of dimensions and delivery details. Wardrobes can be difficult items to delivery so make sure you know what style of wardrobe you are purchasing. Flat-packed wardrobes are easier to delivery to your home thus offer quicker delivery than ready-made wardrobes which require a personal delivery and access into your home. If you are unsure at any time whether you are ordering the right wardrobes for you then contact us and we can help you.

The size of the wardrobe enables you to make a feature and a bold statement within a bedroom. Wardrobes evolved from chests used to store clothes; in the medieval period, a wardrobe refereed to a room in the home in which clothing was stored, the modern equivalent of the ‘walk-in-robe.’ 

Use a unique wardrobe to spruce up your bedroom or add a touch of style and elegance, to say something about you and your own style. Choose from a wide range of beautiful retro wardrobes to the funky, out-there styled items.

Our affordable wardrobes at Zurleys

Our ranges vary from the luxury designer items to the affordable cheap wardrobes for those on a budget. At Zurleys we have a great range of solid oak wardrobes for you to choose from as well as pine and MDF.

The Corona 3 door robe is made from pine and so it is a strong and hard wearing piece. This robe has lovely ring style handles and has beautiful cross style hinges giving it extra character. The top of this item is curved to give it even more style. The Corona furniture is also available in different sizes and you can purchase matching drawers, etc in order that you can continue this style throughout your bedroom or your home.

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