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    With its corrosion resistant properties and durability, copper is a favoured material of modern architects. Its flexibility and ability to reflect light has also made it popular with modern interior designers too. Beautiful and complex shapes can be created from this strong and hardy material. Please note we offer a combination of copper and copper style products, please check each product for a materials breakdown

    Adding a piece of copper furniture to your existing décor is a great way to update your living space. Its shine and brilliance mean that every piece of copper furniture draws the eye and creates a bold statement. If you are considering a radical change to your home furnishings, then copper is an excellent choice. Copper is sleek and modern and will bring a contemporary yet timeless vibe to the home.

    From our stunning Pebble Copper Coffee Table to our bold Arched 5 Multi Light Copper Floor Lamp, we have a wide range of copper furniture items to choose from.

    Our range of affordable copper furniture includes a combination of clean and distressed finished items. Copper is a fantastic way to update your living room and bedroom.

    Copper Living Room Furniture

    The Nolsa Side and Coffee Tables are the perfect living room choice with a trendy combination of black and copper detailing.

    Copper Bedroom Furniture

    Our Russell Industrial Patch Aluminium and Copper bedroom furniture are a sure way to create a bold and powerful statement in the bedroom. They bring a unique twist to the copper theme and are the perfect pieces to deliver that contemporary feel.

    Our Choice

    If you are looking for a unique statement piece, the Beaded Coffee Table is a distinctive and eye catching piece which offers functionality yet sublime style.