Guide To Returning Items Safely


At Zurleys we want to make sure your return arrives safely back to us so that we can resell the item to another customer (if its not faulty). We have created this handy guide below to help you to repackage your item ready for collection.

* Guide to returning Items Safely *


When returning unwanted/unused items to Zurleys we want to ensure the item(s) are returned to us in a "like new" condition. This will allow us to re-sell the item(s) to other customers.

If an item is damaged upon returning it may take us longer to determine the cause of the damage.

To help us return items safely, we have provided a few tips for repacking unwanted items.



  • Please package the item(s) in the packaging that came with the item(s) and in the position it arrived in when you opened it.

  • If the packaging is not reusable because it has been ripped or damaged then please inform us so we can make allowances for this with the return courier or provide additional packaging and/or advice.

  • Please do not place fragile items next to each other without the appropriate packaging. If you are returning glass or ceramic products, please do not pack the item(s) without padding.

  • Please securely tape the box and make sure that no items are loose or unstable inside the packaging/box. Please also include your order number on piece of paper inside the box.

  • If the original packing of an item is no longer available, please seek advance from the support team. Please do this before the item(s) is returned as the courier will fail to collect an item(s) without packaging. 





We will refund all transactions, less return charges, within the legal 14 days period of the item being returned to us. If an item is returned damage due to neglect or improper customer packaging without informing us of the lack of packaging available we reserve the right to deduct charges/losses or return the item(s) to the customer.