Ceiling Lights

We have a great variety of retro ceiling lights that add style to your room.

A ceiling light can provide great character to a room and so finding one that is unique is important for allowing the light to become the feature.  Zurleys have a great range of designs and colours which you can choose in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are looking for a minimalist light or something which is a little unusual then we have everything here online for you to choose from. Our ceiling lights come in various colours to complement your current décor. 

At Zurleys we have a brushed steel spotlight modern ceiling light in a lovely spotlight shape which comes with an inner colouring of either red or white.  We also have similar lights in funky chrome.

If you like to be funky then we have the droplets adjustable glass ceiling light.  This retro ceiling light is set on a base with droplets hanging down to give a lovely ornate feature as well as being a beautiful ceiling light.