Mirrors are a great way to enhance any home instantly, due to the extra decorative styling they provide.  Zurleys have a great range of funky mirrors which can add character to a room, creating a beautiful, unique centre piece in your home.  Our range includes unusual and retro mirror designs. 

Our gold and silver wall mirrors come in lots of different shapes and sizes – round, square, oblong, and octagonal.

Unusual Mirrors

  • You can get that unique look to your room with the lifeboat piece.  This is a circular mirror and has the outer edging in a lifeboat design, so would look great in a bathroom.
  • The LED Mirror is a true statement piece for your home and would look great as an item for your bedroom or hallway. The piece includes a touch LED on and off switch to bring the glitzy dressing room look to your home.  The item comes in small or large.

Retro Mirrors

We have a beautiful range of retro mirrors such as the new Geometric 28 Panel, this would look great with two of these placed side by side on a feature wall to create an outstanding statement piece. 

Things to consider...


The materials used in making a mirror can affect the price significantly, full glass with bevelled edges are the most expensive pieces available as well as those elegantly designed with curvy styles. 


It is important to know the weight of your mirror as this is also a factor when considering durability of the piece as well as the ability to hang the item on certain walls. Solid walls can hold heavy mirrors compared to partition walls which are only able to hold lighter mirrors.